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The one ambition which the club always dreamed of achieving was the acquisition of its own grounds. The opportunity arose when the land Commission took over a farm in Lower Cappanacuss for division amongst the local farmers in 1954.

One man deserves special mention in spearheading the drive to acquire a field for the local G.A.A. Club in the distribution of the land, and that was the late Tom Spillane, R.I.P.

A very small minority opposed the clubs application for a playing field, but the vast majority in the locality were very much in favour of it. For 25 years the pitch was known as "Pollards Field" that being the name of the previous owner.

The newly acquired playing field posed two problems for the club, the playing surface was very uneven and the entrance was in bad repair, and the length of the latter, approximately 500 yards, made the task of improvement all the more daunting. However, it was extensively used, in its acquired state, for both training and matches, until the early '70's. From here on progressive renovation work have brought it to, what can be aptly described today as, a model playing field with all the associated facilities. Much hard work has gone into it over the years, the vast majority of which has been voluntary, since the type of reclamation work required would demand extensive capital input, a sum the club could not raise.

But its location was an incentive in itself to make it the club's permanent home. It is surrounded by charming scenery with picturesque Kenmare Bay lapping its gentle waters against its southern boundary and sheltered on the western side by the multicolored Dromore Forest, with the stately Caha Mountains standing sentry on the far side of the bay. The scenery alone is an attraction to the spectator, apart from any sporting encounter.

The first task facing the developers was the construction of the proper road into the field and as soon as it was completed work then commenced on leveling the playing pitch. First the top soil was removed to one comer of the field and the sub-soil then leveled. With the complete leveling process and reseeding done to satisfaction a second problem arose and that was poor drainage, due mainly to the heavy machinery compacting the soil. In recent years mole-draining was applied which made an excellent job of the drainage system, and, has given it the near status of an all-weather pitch.

Phase three of the development came next and that was the erection of dressing rooms. To the immense credit of the club members, both young and old, all labour was voluntary, as otherwise the task would have been well-night impossible.

Some individuals are deserving of special mention but to mention names could easily-lead to offence without intention. Those who put Trojan work into the venture, did so, not to have their names inscribed in a roll of honor but, out of sheer love for their native club, loyalty to our national pastimes and to ensure that those who come after them will have the best there is to offer.

The official opening of June 2nd 1991 is a dream come true for all those who worked tirelessly to make it a reality, and for those who have passed on to their eternal reward, no doubt, they will look down with pride from above. Ar dheis de go raibh siad.

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13.09.2020 - 13:30 o'clock

Kerry Senior Club Championship Relegation Playoff, Templenoe V Kilcummin, Sunday 13th September at 1:30pm in Fitzgerald Stadium, Killarney

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