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Templenoe Crest
Name: Tadhg Morley
Date of Birth: 6/10/1993
Nickname: Tiger/Morley/Fellani
Position: Anywhere on the pitch besides the goalkeeper
Toughest Opponent: Tomas Hickey
Biggest Honour: Playing for the county
GAA likes/dislikes: Friendships made forever and the banter/ poor refereeing and mass brawls.
Favourite Food: Chicken and pasta
Favourite player club & county: Shane Cremin and Seamus Moynihan
What superpower would you want? The ability to fly
If there was a movie made of your life who would play you? Adam Sandler
What was your favourite cartoon as a child? Rugrats
Favourite TV show? An Idiot Abroad
What would you do if you won a million euro? Buy a serious chill pad in Barbados and buy a car
If you could be any age again for a week, what age would you be and why? I would be 3 because you would have absolutely no worries in the world and just sit and watch cartoons and play all day.
If you were stranded on an island what 3 things would you bring? A boat, a paddle and a phone
If you were stuck in an elevator who would you like it to be and why? Jim Nash cuz you'd be sure he would have beer with him.
What person, alive or dead, would you like to meet and why? Seamus Moynihan just to talk about football and give me pointers on how to improve.


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